I need some advice.

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Dearest Friends,

I could use some advice. The woman and I will celebrate our 2nd anniversary on November 24th. That is just 2 short weeks from today. What can I give her for a gift? I love her with all of my heart. We are soul mates. She saved my life and has shown me nothing but love. I want to give her something back in return. The problem is that I’m not allowed to be outdoors so I can’t go anywhere to buy her a present. Plus, I don’t have any money.  Does anyone have any ideas?

Very truly yours,



  1. Bob, things don’t matter. You don’t need money, or to leave the house, to give her what matters most. Your love.
    Those purrs, headbonks, and face rubs, along with biscuit making, slow blinks, and drooling (dunno if you’re a drooler, but one of my kitties is)…those things are what matters.
    It might be nice if you put forth a little extra effort to get along with the other cats…at least sometimes.

  2. Your love for her is the only present she needs and wants, Bob. Some extra head butts, kisses and purrs will seal the deal.

  3. Dear Bob,
    I have 6 cats and love them all deerearly so I understand how you feel about the rrwoman and your anniverasary. If you have any mason jars look online for some ideas. You can make anything from candles to decorative jars she can put on her dresser to hold small items. If you lived near me I’d gladly make you a beautiful themed cake. I hope my idea helped have a happy anniversary. Also you could always order something online and have it deliveved.

  4. You could have a go at knitting her something for the winter. I hear there was once an old Gumbie Cat who was rather skilled at crochet, so it shouldn’t be beyond your ability 🙂

  5. Head butts, gentle paw pats, rolling over for tummy rubs, long loving gazes and a whole chapter of your book on the woman you love xxxxx

  6. My Dearest Bob,
    Your Woman wants your Love moreover than anything! Maybe you can get the vile beasts to not vomit or worse that day and all greet her when she gets home. You of course taking lead can then have her fuzzy slippers and ugly robe dragged out for her, then Love on her like crazy! That would be perfect! Oh and bring her a toy too.

  7. Bob all you have to show the woman a wonderful evening. All a woman wants is attention. Just give her you undivided attention for the evening and she will love it!!!!

  8. Just give her more of you! Purring, rubbing, head butts, all of that means more than any thing you could purchase. Love you Bob! You are awesome!! <3 <3

  9. Bob:
    Your love for her is a special gift every day. Continue to cherish each other. That makes all days special.

  10. Bob, just purr, give her a gentle head butt and best of as, soft love pats on her cheek, no claws out, and she will know your love for her and that is the best gift of all. Love, love, love.

  11. May I suggest the book about crafting with cat hair? Perhaps you could whip up something from that book!

  12. Here’s an awesome idea: After dinner, hork up all the food you just ate. Make sure she knows. Be loud, be proud. As soon as she gets up to get some paper towels and cleaner, eat it all up. Every bit of it. Basically, what that says is: “Hey, I made a big, wet, stinky mess, but I care enough for you to clean up after myself.”

  13. Dearest Bob,
    I believe one of the nicest things you can do is to lay in the Woman’s favorite sitting spot while she is at work, then give her the “warm spot” to sit in when she gets home!

  14. Dear Bob, I agree with the others. Store bought things are nothing compared to love and snuggling. Of course, if you could cough up a giant hairball, that would be nice, too. I love ya, Bob!

  15. Your love of the woman is a gift she will treasure. Big head butts and purrs are always good and being there for her when she needs you x

  16. Don’t scratch a single upholstered item for her whole birthday. For it to be extra special, don’t scratch rugs, either!

  17. Dear Bob,
    I’m sure your woman is too busy to go to the spa to get a facial treatment, so you can give her one at home. For FREE! All you need to do is wash her face, and she will not only be clean, but her skin will be exfoliated as well. And, don’t forget to give her lots of purrs.

  18. Hi Bob, It is very sweet that you are reaching out for help with a gift for the Woman. I think you really make her happy if you helped her with the other creatures that live in your house. As you know, she loves them too. But she would love you even more if you helped with them and that would free up some time so the two of you could spend together to snuggle and kiss!

  19. Material things don’t matter Bob, what matters is the fact that you give your time to your woman whether she’s ill or healthy and you’re always there to keep the vile beasts in order. A long fuzzy sock day with loads of spooning and whiskery kisses will be a welcome gift for your woman and even more so on her special day xx

  20. Bob, presents are nice but that is not what really counts. What counts is love, understanding and patience. No matter how much you love her now, it will continue to grow. More head butts, more kisses and more cuddling. That is what my soulmate gave me, year after year for 17 years. I will always love him. When I was sad, he was there. When I was happy, he was there. He was there in the morning and at night. Just continue as you are.

  21. Some head bumps, kisses, and then write her a love poem and purr it in her ear! What is important is love.

  22. Bob, You are so .caring and wonderful. Just be you and do all your special things with her. That is all she wants, your love.

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