I have returned to the land of my people

Dearest friends,

Mazie enjoying her SundayIf you follow me on Facebook, you know I’ve been gone.  I updated everyone last night about how our Mazie Grace has been so very sick. She’s doing better now and we are very grateful.  The one thing I will say about the woman is that when one of the vile beasts is sick, the world stops and she tends to them.  Sometimes I feel a little neglected because…after all…I am her soulmate.  But, in the case of Mazie Grace, I doted on her, too.  She likes it when I lay down next to her and put my back up against hers.  Well, then again, what woman doesn’t?

So the woman and I have been talking…it’s time for me to start bringing home the bacon, so to speak…(the woman is a vegetarian and, sadly, there is no bacon allowed in this house).   After all, I am the man of the house. I want to contribute.  And, with my witty entrepreneurial mind, there are lots of things I can do. As many of you know, I am a prolific thinker and writer. I have been working on my book for quite a while now.  My goal in writing my book is to educate stupid humans about the plight of homeless animals. The woman and I both feel it is time to move my business venture forward.

The first step in that is to hire people to help us…and therein lies the problem. So…being the strategic thinker that I am, I have come up with a brilliant idea. (It’s a good thing the woman has me…she could NEVER count on the vile beasts the way she counts on me.)  This morning I am launching the All Things Bob Boutique…the online shopping center to find all things related to Bob…me!  Now, sadly it’s currently only 3 items but…it’s 3 items with my face on them.  We are going to try to add more merchandise over time…but this is all I could manage right now.

We have the incredible “It’s Bob O’Clock Somewhere” cell phone case:

Bob Oclock Phone Case

There’s also the soon-to-be collector’s item “It’s Bob O’Clock Somewhere” t-shirt:

Bob Oclock tshirt

And, finally, we have the “It’s Bob O’Clock Somewhere” tote bag that you can take to the grocery store:

Bob Oclock tote bag

Everything in the store is available in multiple sizes and colors.  The cell phone case is available in numerous versions to fit several different cell phone manufacturers.  The proceeds for the sale of these items are going to go to 2 places…we are going to donate 10% of any money made to Rikki’s Refuge.  If you don’t know about Rikki’s, please visit their web site.  It’s a wonderful animal refuge in Central Virginia that’s about an hour from where I live. They do wonderful things to provide a safe haven for animals…all kinds of animals…that are in need.  The rest of the money is going to go to the “Bob’s Book Fund”…because I have so much to say, it would really be a shame for the entire world to not hear it.

So, please visit my store and just know I would be forever grateful if you would consider celebrating Bob O’Clock with me!

Very truly yours,



  1. oh yay bob!!!!! must take a look at that t-shirt. (I don’t have a ‘smart phone’ just a dumb one!

  2. Hello Bob, you have been busy, that’s how I have missed you online, but wonderful things have been created by you for good causes. Very impressed and will take a better look shortly. Wishing you well with your book venture, that is a “must have – must read” item. Love to you and all the vile beasts and family.

  3. Wowzer! Can’t wait to visit the stiore to make a purchase. My birthday is in 11 days so I am asking for All Things Bob as gifts. Good luck on this new venture. Am anxiously awaiting your book!! 😻😽

  4. Just bought my It’s Bob O’Clock Somewhere t-shirt in light blue. Can’t wait for it to arrive.

  5. Bob I think these items are going to be picture purrfect. How could they not be with the women’s soulmate on them. I love the tote bag. It’s good to see you back as I was getting concerned about you. I am so pleased Mazie Grace is a lot better. Please give her my love and the woman. I mustn’t forget the vile beasts either. For you I send a humongous tummy rub and my Rosie Daisy and Leo send love filled purrs. Lots of love Janice and her furry babies xxx

  6. Wow Bob you came back with a bang. I will be shopping in your store soon. A tee shirt and shopping bag is what I want.

  7. Just love all the great things you have. So glad you now have a store, I hoped you would have some things to sell with you picture on it. They are all great.

  8. Can’t wait to buy/read your book! Good luck with your merchandizing, hope you make lots of money to help lots of animals! (I am a friend of Andrea Swayne)

  9. I’m going to buy a cell phone case if you have the size I need otherwise I will purchase a tote bag, they are always god to take to the grocery store. I am very happy that you are donating some of the proceeds to a shelter. I’m eagerly awaiting you book too. Bob, you are the MAN!

  10. Hi Bob, I just ordered the “It’s Bob o clock somewhere” tote bag. I very excited to receive it. I glad I’m able to help out with you charity. I hope the book is forth coming.

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