Happy Mother’s Day

Dearest Friends,

Today in the US we celebrate Mother’s Day.  I want to take a moment to wish all of my
friends who are mothers a beautiful day. I would, for the record, like to lodge a complaint, however.  The woman was in London back in March on the very day they Bobcelebrate Mother’s Day.  She is now getting 2 this year and I’m not certain that is allowed. Nevertheless, I want to wish everyone who is a mom, has a mom or has lost a mom a very peaceful and happy day.

Now I think it’s very important that I clarify one thing…the woman is not my mom.  She is my soulmate. My real mom was a cat that has long since passed away.  She took good care of me and my brothers and sisters. My first human mom was not good to me. Because I have a problem with my tummy, she kicked me out of the house. I was on my own for a while but then I stumbled upon the woman’s yard…and that’s when I met her and knew she was mine for life.  I am hers and she is mine.  Forever.  No matter what.

To my great dismay, she is indeed the mother of the disgusting vile beasts in this house.  It’s a filthy job…cleaning all of those stinky hineys, washing up after all of their messes, and simply just putting up with their vileness.  I’ve got to hand it to her…it’s a nasty job but someone has to do it.

So, out of respect for her today I am going to do my best to keep peace in the house for a full 24 hours.  I have threatened every single beast in the house within an inch of their lives if they act up or make any messes today.

And so…for the woman and every other mother in the world…my wish is for you to have a cat vomit-free, stinky litter box-free and purr-filled day!

Very truly yours,

Bob the Writer


  1. Oh, Bob, your tribute to The Woman on this day touched me deeply and made me a bit verklempt. I’m glad you found each other. And you are a saint to put up with the vile beasts. Xo

  2. I remember when you arrived, and the woman said she was just fostering you. How we laughed!
    I’m glad you understand how much she does for all of you, she is one in a million and I’m proud to call her my friend. ×××

  3. Hi Bob,
    Thank you for the Mother’s Day greeting, but I too am feeling guilty as with joining in your special day, but living in the UK I too celebrated in March, thus having two Mother’s Days. My family looked after me just as your forever family does and it is great. Have a wonderful day Bob.
    Love and many purrs,
    Jackie xx

  4. Well Bob thank you so much for your wish for me to have a cat vomit free, litter stinky free day. That at least it has been so far….On the other hand the dog in my house did not get that memo. and pooped on the kitchen floor. Good thing it is my husbands dog so he could clean it up. Glad you are doing a good job keeping those vile beasts in line.

  5. Bob, you have the best human Mum in the world. May the woman have a wonderful Mother’s Day and I hope the vile beasts behave. 😊

  6. Oh Bob such a nice tribute to your woman!! She is soo good to all of you fur balls!!

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