Do Not Be Mean!

Happy Tuesday to all of my dear friends. As I watched the woman leave for work this morning, I recalled an event that happened a while back.  Leaf supervisorIn all honesty, it’s the kind of thing that happens all the time to women all around the world and I feel it’s time for it to stop.

The woman was driving home from work one day.  She was in a lane that another lane was merging into.  Traffic was backed up.  She had let a couple of cars merge in front of her.  She was driving forward when a huge, big-ass truck decided to come barreling up beside her and literally cut her off.  She had to slam on her brakes and tap her horn to let the guy know she was there.

I guess the woman forgot that day that men driving Ford pick-ups with tires that are 4 sizes too big for the truck are Lord and King of the road.  How dare she blow her horn at him.  She was just a lowly ignorant woman, right?  The man became VERY angry…once he was in front of the woman, he slammed on his brakes to try to cause her to hit him.  Then, after the street transitioned back into two lanes, he let her pass and then pulled right up next to her, rolled down his window and started screaming at her…cussing and calling her names.

The woman is far smarter than that creep.  She put a big smile on her face and waved at him.  Then…she snapped this picture.


Well, what that big hunk of burning love didn’t realize is that that “dumb woman” he cussed at and tried to hit is MY woman.  When she told me the story and showed me the photo I knew what I had to do. I posted it on my Facebook page for the world to see…and yeah…it went viral.

So here’s the moral of the story…

  1. Don’t be a jerk.
  2. Don’t be mean.
  3. Men, treat women with respect.
  4. Women, treat men with respect.

Seriously, I worry about the human race sometimes.


  1. Good job Bob. You protect your woman!!!!!!❤️💋 FYI. Men in BIG trucks who are jerks have small. P@&$!

  2. Bob, you are a very wise person, errrrr cat. 🙂 Keep up the great work. I know Karma will catch up with that bad guy. Someday, he will learn to be nice too. Yep, true! What goes around, comes around.

  3. Bob, we all know that if you would have been there, you would have jumped over and scratched that guys eyes outta his head! Kudos to your woman…er…mom…I probably wouldn’t have had the patience of mind to have snapped the photo!

  4. Bob, your woman is not only kind and caring but she’s also smart! Take good care of her!

  5. The same type of thing happened to me today, Bob! Except the guy in the big pick up used his finger instead of his voice. I’m not as smart as your woman, didn’t even think of taking a pic, but I will next time! Way to go you two😸😄

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