Bob loves his new cool cat carrier

Dearest Friends,

I am very VERY excited! The mailman just came and delivered a package that may very well change my entire life!!! The woman ordered some new cat carriers that would help her more easily transport the vile beasts to the vet.  It is always a huge struggle trying to cram their big rear ends into the plastic carriers she has.

I was a bit skeptical when she opened the box that was delivered today.  She pulled this out…uhm…what?

Bob and the cat carrier

And then I nearly had a heart attack when the woman took off the rubber band thing that was holding it together.

Once I recovered from the jolt of adrenaline, I still could not figure out how this could possibly hold a vile beast.  It was flat, for Pete’s sake!

Cat carrier flat

But then…it was like magic!  I could begin to see it once the woman began zipping it up!

Cat carrier coming to life

And then…there it was…the answer to my prayers.  I have been praying for something like this for years now…(that’s Freddy Astaire Junior Graves III examining the new cat carrier).

Freddy evaluates the new cat carrier

You see, I can shove each vile beast into their own little carrier and hide them in the closet during the day when the woman is not here.  That way, I will not have to put up with their vileness.  I will have peace and quiet and be able to concentrate on my book writing!

See…there’s plenty of room for them and they cannot get out!  YES!

The woman really likes these carriers and is planning to purchase more.  She likes them because they:

  • Are the right size (can hold up to an 18 lb cat)
  • Can be stored absolutely flat
  • Are easy to clean (when one of the vile beasts vomits or craps their pants)
  • Are very very VERY easy to get a kitty in and out
  • They are reasonably priced

I love them simply because I can shove the vile beasts in and forget about them…until the woman comes home and yells at me.

These are definitely Bob Approved!  Check them out!  Now please know that the link below is an affiliate link…that means if you buy one, I will make a little commission off of the sale…but please know…I will never ever EVER recommend something that I have not personally used and found to be something fabulous.

Let me know if you order one…and if you like them!!!  Now I just have to go figure out how to work zippers without opposable thumbs.

Very truly yours,

Bob the Writer


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