On the day Bob was born…

Slept for daysHappy Sunday to all of my friends,

The woman and I are having  a glorious Sunday morning.  I have already had my delicious breakfast and we are having a cozy snuggle while she is reading the New York Times.  There has been intermittent kissing, purring, tail wagging, belly rubs, back scratches and paw massages all morning.

I’ve been thinking about how hard it was when I had to live on the streets. It makes me sad to think about those days.  Half the time I was scared because I didn’t know when I’d find my next meal or have a safe place to sleep.  And the rest of the time I had to be tough and brave to protect my territory and keep myself safe.  When I’m feeling sad, I ask the woman to tell me about the day I was born…it helps me to feel a little better.   The story goes like this:

Me:  I love you, woman.  Will you tell me about the day I was born?

The Woman:  I love you, too, Bob…and, yes, I’ll tell you about the day you were born.  I wasn’t there but I can tell you it was one of the most momentous occasions ever!  The angels all gathered around you and whispered in your ear while you were still safely tucked away in your mama’s belly.  Here’s what they told you…

Angel:  Hello little Bob…it’s just about time for you to begin your journey.  There are big big BIG things planned for you. The path will not be easy…there will be good times and hard times but never be afraid, dear Bob.  You are not alone. You are destined to do BIG things!  You will go through hardships to help you grow strong. You will find great love in your life…there’s someone who desperately needs you to help her find her way. Just be strong and have faith, little Bob…your story is about to unfold…

The Woman: And when you were born, Bob…wheels were set in motion that led you to me.  You had good times and sad times…being kicked out of your home because you were sick was unbearably cruel. But you never once gave up. The words the angels whispered in your ear kept you moving forward until the fateful day we found each other. And, oh, how I needed you, dear Bob. The day you arrived was one of the most special days ever. And so now we will finish our journeys together.  We’ve still got big things to do, Bob. Together we will help people who, like us, need hope.  We will help people who feel weak find courage.

Bob:  How are we going to do that, woman?  I’m not Superman!

The Woman: Ahhh…Bob…your book, your blog, your Facebook page...it’s all a part of the big big BIG things we were put here to do.

Bob:  Well, it doesn’t sound like the big big BIG plans include the vile beasts.  Can we PLEASE get rid of them?

The Woman:  Be nice, Bob…

You can’t blame a guy for trying…I’m off to do big big BIG things today.  I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!

Very truly yours,

Bob the Writer



  1. You and Your Mom are both special. Jesus puts people like her ontogeny earth to take care of his mistreated creatures. Much love and respect for doing God’s work for special kitties

  2. Awwwwww you made me cry 😭 so beautiful love you 😘 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Hi Bob. You know how people say that everyone has a twin? My boy Piper (aka Pipey ) could be your twin. He adopted me when he was only 3 weeks old. He is pretty big now. I think I may be overfeeding him. But I just do what he tells me. Maybe you and Pipes (another nickname ) should visit sometime. On Facebook. Best regards, The Old Man.

  4. What a beautiful story about the day you were born. May you and the Woman fulfill all your dreams. Have a special day filled with love!

  5. This is such a beautiful post… you REALLY need to put this on your facebook page so the rest of the world can see the WONDER OF BOB…. I’d do it but I have something in my eyes that are making them water…..

    • actually.. just found the right button, now that my eyes have stopped watering….

  6. Oh Bob! My eyes are stinging through the tears I am crying. My late Mum Irene was a big fan of yours Bob and although she couldn’t use the internet very well, she always, always managed to find your page on Facebook!! Your Woman is a wonderfully kind lady Bob with a heart of gold, not only towards kitties but all animals that venture through your garden.. Make sure you give her lots of snuggles and love each and every day Bob……Oh and one other thing ~ when you eventually finish your book, do you realise it will be a #1 Best Seller??? Keep on writing my pawsome pal ~ we love you lots here in the UK <3 xxxxx

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