3 Things To Do If Your Meditation Time Is Rudely Interrupted

10155558_685104988197801_716447792316862606_nDearest Friends,
I am extremely disgusted. I was at home this afternoon, practicing my very important meditation and yoga.  It is critical that I maintain my schedule in order to keep my creativity and mental prowess at peak performance.  I was minding my own business when the woman came bursting into my office with, of all things, her camera.  Without even asking me, she turned the camera on and began broadcasting a Facebook Live episode focused on me.  My meditation was completely disrupted. And, what’s even worse, she started poking me trying to get me to turn to the camera.  Seriously now…WHO DOES THAT? And, what’s even worse is that she didn’t even get my good side when she was videoing me.  She got me on the side where that nasty tart named Miss Elizabeth Taylor swatted ME when I hissed at her for sticking her smelly hairy behind in MY face.

I submit to you this evidence:

Notice my response.  I think you may be able to use this as an example of how to respond should you ever be rudely interrupted during meditation or really anything you are doing:

  1. Ignore the person doing the interrupting.  Do not give into their rude demands.  Even if you are completely distracted from what you are doing, do not give the interruptor the satisfaction of feeling as though they are getting what they want…I mean, seriously…why should you?
  2. Give them the stink eye.  Do not communicate verbally.  Simply look them squarely in the face and give them a good old fashioned stink eye.
  3. Do not cooperate.  Get up and leave if you have to, but under no circumstance should you cooperate.

I hope you find this helpful and I hope the woman has learned a lesson.  For Pete’s sake, ask for permission before hitting “Go Live” on Facebook.  And, at a minimum, get a person’s good side.  I mean…seriously…why do I have to deal with such incompetence?!?

Very truly yours,

Bob the Writer


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