Remembering Jimmy today

Dearest friends,

The woman is having one of those days today…she has been thinking about all the kitties that she has loved.  One in particular that keeps popping into her mind is Jimmy Durante Graves III.  He got his name from the fact that he had a HUGE nose.

From the front, Jimmy had a normal vile beast nose…see…


But…when he turned to the side…DANG!  That was one big schnozolla.

Jimmy Durante Graves III's big ol nose

He was way before my time. The woman loved him dearly.  He seemed to be very healthy but one morning the woman found him on the floor…he had passed away overnight.  The vet said he probably had a massive heart attack and died on the spot.

All of the vile beasts were very sad…the woman was busted up for a very long time.  She will never forget her big-nosed boy.

temptations_small_2 (1)

Very truly yours,

Bob the Writer



  1. Oh Bob, I had a kitty I loved dearly that told me goodbye when I went to work, but was “gone” when I got home at noon that day. He was only 6. Cliffy was the love of my life. I cried and cried and cried. My son in law came and took his lifeless little body to the vet. I had found him when he was just 6 weeks old, mostly white but with grey spots all over, but all that grey turned out to be grease spots, he was an all white kitty. He was soooo smart….he saved my life right after I was divorced. I remember crying by his body, and the words went through my mind “his job here was done.” He came back a few times to visit me through my Wheezel. I will never forget him, like your woman will never forget Jimmy Durante Graves III. Please tell your woman that he still watches over her. It will make her feel better. It is time for you to snuggle with her Bob. Maybe Jimmy will snuggle a little through you. You should let him. Love, Aunt Donna

  2. Bob, make sure you give the woman extra hugs and purrs, because it’s really hard on humans to think about their Angel Kitties. Angel Jimmy was a handsome mancat.

  3. Dear Bob, my heart goes out to your “women”. Like her, I have lost several kitties who were healthy and died suddenly. Case in point, this past mother’s day weekend, I had to say goodbye to 2 beautiful babies…one from heart disease that came on suddenly, and the other was killed by a neighbor’s dog. I am still heartbroken.

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