My new office…

For those of you who follow me on Facebook, you know that the woman and I are having trouble in our relationship.  I have filed for divorce.  She brought one too many vile beasts into my house.  She brought THIS:


It’s a hedgehog named Miss Eleanor Rigby. Words cannot describe it’s vileness.  I am done sharing my house and my woman with all of these disgusting cats and now this hog. So I am leaving.

Understandably so, the woman is gutted.  Quite honestly, though, she should’ve thought about this about eleventy-five cats and one hedgehog ago.  She is trying everything within her power to woo me back and get in my good graces.  She ordered me a new office:

Just click on the image for details.  *Affiliate Link

I do not understand why she thinks she can tempt me worldly things. I need her to pay attention to ME instead of paying for things. Why is this so hard for her to understand?…But I will say…that surely looks like a nice office…I bet I could get a lot of work done in there…just sayin’…


  1. Nice new quarters, Bob, i can think of several residents of my house that would greatly enjoy having such an office…just saying.

  2. Please give the woman a second chance Bob. I’m sure you would hate to see her upset. She will be heartbroken if yougo ahead with the divorce 💔

  3. What a sulky wee face. Methinks you are a teeny weeny bit spoilt and you like it. Look at all the material you are going to get for your new book. You will be the number one feline expert in hedgehogs. No competition there then. You will be a market runaway and be able to name your price for your next book. So I suggest you get in your new office, put up a no disturb notice, get the book finished and then you will be able to write your own ticket. The woman will be so enthralled having an author of your standing living in her house, you will get anything you want. Better to fight your battles that way instead of sulking away which is a loosing strategy. I have been though this with my own two reds, you are all a jealous breed but I always say don’t get mad get even.

  4. Oh Bob…. it is ok… the Woman doesn’t understand your language… you need to write a “Bob to Woman” Dictionary so the Woman knows what you REALLY want…. in the meantime… show her a little love and maybe she will come around….

  5. I may have to get that office for my officemates, Callie and Castiel. Castiel is rather….er…fluffy…and that looks to be an office that would be befitting his stature.

  6. Oh Bob… The woman doesn’t love you any less. I have 6 cats & 2 poodles. They don’t always get along, but they have to learn to co-exist. I love them all the same, for different reasons. They all come to me for kisses & cuddles. I devote my attention to one at a time when they want it. Don’t be so grumpy, Bob! Love you! 😘😘😘😘❤

    • Bob, dear, The Woman sees all of the animals and knows that each one needs her help. The more love you need, the more you have. Not a single one of them, Eleanor Rigby, included, makes her love you any less. I think I would take the new office and let her woo you back into good graces. As a paralegal, I can tell you, you cannot get a divorce because uyou are not legally married , nor can you be because you are different species

  7. Bob, I think you’d better take the new office. Felix the Fearless cast eyeballs on it as he was reading over my shoulder. He is now standing on my head, pawing the computer screen, and demanding to know why I haven’t already ordered his.

  8. Oh Bob – I know it’s hard to share your house with vile beasts, and the hog, well, she’s just a walking pincushion! Please, give the woman another chance. <3

  9. I’m so glad to hear something from you, Bob! Your public misses you SO MUCH!😿 You & the Woman must work through your issues, you need to take the new office & write that book!!!❤️

  10. Oh no she didn’t but Bob think of the children some things you just have toaccept love you

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