It’s Good To Be King

Bob headshotOkay, I’m going to state the obvious…it has been a difficult week.  I mean, it’s bigger than the hedgehog or my divorce from the woman.   I’m personally very worried about all the people who have been hit hard by those vile hurricanes and storms.  And I can’t help but think about the animals who are suffering, too.  And then…on top of all that came the horrible attack in Las Vegas.  The woman has to travel to Las Vegas sometimes for her job. If she had been in town I’m certain she would’ve been at that concert. It all makes me sad. Very sad.

And then on top of it, one of my most personal favorite rockers passed away.  I always felt that I had a little bit of Tom Petty in me…you know…that rugged, all-American, tough-guy next door.  The woman was gutted over the loss of our Tom.  I was a bit sad myself…found myself humming some of his songs as I was working on my book. This one in particular kept running through my head…


Before the woman and I separated, Fridays used to be filled with loud music and lots of dancing through the house together. But not any more. I think I’m just going to spend my Friday night listening to Tom Petty and try to think about the good things that we all have to be thankful for…I’m going to write down every single thing that’s not bad right at this moment so when I get wrapped up in all the bad things that are going on, I’ll be able to pull my list of good things and remember what it feels like to be happy.



  1. Oh Bob as both you and the woman are sad I think you should ask her if she wants to dance around the house one last time . Maybe in that way you will find it in your heart to forgive her and bring some happiness back into your life and the woman’s. I think deep down you don’t want to divorce the woman, its not too late 🙁

  2. It’s heartbreaking everything that has been going on. My heart goes out to everyone involved in the shooting in Las Vegas. Tom Petty dying also broke my heart because he was my favorite musician! Hope you are doing okay!

  3. Bob please don’t be sad. Things will get better. You and the woman have a special relationship and you should give her another chance.

  4. Maybe you should reconsider the divorce. After all, a little hedgehog can’t undo all the years of love and devotion!

  5. Bob, it has been a very difficult week for all of us. At the end of the day, we have our family and friends to comfort us. I’ll bet the Woman could use some comforting. I know you don’t like the hedgehog, but your Woman is a person filled with love and compassion. You are lucky to have someone like her in your life, There are so many cats and dogs in this world who never experience the love you have. You are still, and always will be, her #1 man. Please rethink divorcing the Woman. You’ll be much happier if you do. Love to you and all the vile beasts in your home. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Bob, please don’t divorce the Woman. You rescued her. You can’t toss her back to the hedgehogs. I bet you will enjoy rescuing a hedgehog, too. Or, you could get close to them both and plot against Eleanor. What a twisty chapter that will make.

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