Bob’s List of 5 Good Things

Undercover BobHappy Saturday, my dear friends.

I spent last night thinking about the good things I am grateful for.  It was difficult because of all the crap that is being dumped on us daily…but I did it.  I came up with my list of good things…okay…maybe it’s not a LONG list but it’s a list.

  • Salmon with mashed potatoes and real live butter
  • Sunbeams
  • Rainy days
  • Fuzzy sock nights (until you decide to get divorced and then fuzzy sock nights suck)
  • Naps

There you have it. It took me 4 hours to come up with this. I had to look far and wide…and search deep inside my soul but I found my 5 good things.

What are your 5 Good Things? Leave me a comment or post on Facebook to let me know.

Happy Saturday!



  1. 5, huh? Ok, Bob. 1) pen and paper 2) Charismatic cats on the internet 3) My cat, Bunny 4) My boyfriend who hates cats but Bunny and I won’t hold his bias against him. 5) I too enjoy Salmon and mashed potatoes

  2. 1. My beautiful 35 babies and yes they are all what you consider vile beasts and they are all spayed and neutered and think of the competition you would have with them the hedgehog and the other few file beast at your house or not bad at all
    2. Cooler weather is finally here 3. Sleeping in late on the weekends 4. All things Bob 5. My family

  3. You’re right about Naps!!
    The Wind blowing my hair as I walk.
    Coffee in the morning .
    My family, that all live far away.
    Being able to read BOB, THE CAT.

  4. 1. Good health.
    2. Volunteering at local wildlife center and also cat shelter.
    3. Pinot grigio.
    4. Rainy days with a book and at least one cat on my lap.
    5. Yoga and meditation.

  5. Checking in with Bob AND the Lady, Family, Friends, pets, and food.. ice cream, pizza, spaghetti, Italian sausages, tacos… lol

  6. This is easy….. 1) my family & friends 2) Dearborn Animal Shelter where I volunteer 3) University of Michigan – GO BLUE!! 4) NPR & PBS and 5) perhaps most importantly, my 3 sweet cats – Brady, Bo, and Chloe!

  7. 1. My kids. 2. My grandkids. 3. My cat Loki. 4. Sunshine. 5. Moonlight. How’s that!. Love u Bob!

  8. The smell right before it rains
    The feel of cat fur when you pet them
    The sound & feel of purrs when they are cuddled up with you
    Being inside when it is snowing

  9. Ok 1} Cuddling on a cold night with my favorite kitty, 2) an excellent book to read, 3) Sunny warm days, 4) The beach (love to read by the water) and 5) Great intellectual conversation, sharing ideas

  10. Cuddling with a cat , cozy in bed reading with a cat, having tea with good China with a cat ( the cat will get a tea cup of cream) sitting in the sun with a cat , just having my two cats home from heaven would be the sweetest thing of all

  11. Here are mine Bob,…Like you, naps with sunrays, my husband, my fur babies, having a roof over my head and love in my heart 🙂

  12. Oh Bob…I wish we lived closer💜 1. Good health to enjoy 2. Family to love 3. Energy to give 4. Patience to endure 5. A grateful heart 💜💜💜

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