BREAKING NEWS: Interlopers!


I am SO disgusted!  My brand new office is ruined.  Miss Elizabeth Taylor and Freddy Astaire Graves have infiltrated my very important book writing space and defiled it with their cooties!  I am devastated.  Where will I work on my book now?



  1. Oh Bob, do you need cootie remover spray?? Howcabout one of those do not disturb signs? Perhaps you can station Hedgerina at the door & have her threaten any vile beests thst come near…

  2. Oh my goodness Bob, it’s hot very frosty and windy here in the UK. Must admit I’d be tempted to climb in too. But nevertheless I see your cooty distress. I’m thinking a plaquard is required with ‘Bob’s Genius Writing Zone – No Vile Beasts Allowed?’. Except I fear, because they are not so literate as you dear chap, they might not be able to read it? Concerned Jenni x

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