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Bob the Writer is a renaissance kitty.  One might say he’s a Cat with a Conscience.  He rules the Whiskers & Purrs House with an iron paw and a big heart.  Deep down he’s a marshmallow on the inside.  He loves his woman, vile beasts and despicable dogs.  But…shhhh…don’t let him know that we know!

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  1. Dear Bob, I really find myself looking forward to your daily posts. You cheer me up. I’m so glad the woman takes such good care of you and all of the vile beasts of the house. When you have your book ready for publishing, let me know, I will buy a copy. Perhaps once you reach chapter 100. Love you Bob and all of the other beasts of the house. I have 12 vile beasts that live in my house. Perhaps you would really understand Pepper as she is most like you in your disgust of all the others, though you look just like her brother Poppy. Sincerely, Laurie G

  2. Missing Bob. Are you ok? I really miss following you on Facebook. You always brighten my day with you postings. Hope everyone is ok.

  3. Hi Bob, my name is Yoshi. I share your disgust with the two vile beasts that I am forced to share my home and beloved person with. There is the prissy, anal retentive Maltipoo, Heidi who is a vile canine that thinks she is boss around here but I tend to show her frequently exactly who is Boss. Then there is Bugsy, another vile feline who earned his name by the vast horde of critters he inhabited in his fur when he first arrived. Thankfully, I was able to avoid housing any of those critters due to the fact my beloved person gave Bugsy quite a few drownings to rid him of the bugs…….Don’t you think Bugsy needs a few more drownings? Hmmmm?

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